Virtual & downloadable Listings

Creating a Downloadable or Virtual Product Listing

Welcome to Hand Picked Market (HPM for Short!) This guide will take you through creating your first listing!


Basic Listing Information

To learn how to make a listing, refer to the Simple listing instructions in the sellers Help center.



To create a downloadable listing, be sure to mark both the “virtual” and “downloadable”. This will make sure customer do not need to pay shipping (virtual) and give you an option to upload a file the customer will receive after payment (downloadable).



Virtual Listing

This option is for selling a service or something that needs to be custom made and sent virtually after the purchase.


You must click “virtual” in the top center area of the listing to ensure customers are not charged for shipping on this order.


Downloadable = Virtual & downloadable selected at the top of the listing

Virtual = Only virtual is selected at the top of the listing