Terms & Conditions

Use of Services

Your Role using Hand Picked Market & Boutique

As a vendor, you are responsible for maintaining your storefront, taking care of your customers and paying your monthly fees in a timely manner. Hand Picked Market & Boutique allows its vendors to maintain control of their interaction with their customers and this should be done in the most respectful way. We encourage building relationships and putting your best work forward so your customers can get to know your brand even better.

Copyright infringement/ Copy Cat Makers – This is a marketplace for displaying unique and creative items that are true to the vendor. If products cross the lines of copyright infringement or another vendor is aware of duplicate items being made in their theme and design, this can be cause for requesting certain listing be terminated. Copy cat issues may include at least two of the following: Same naming of products, same unique design not found other places or taking any part of their shop branding and claiming it as your own.

Hand Picked Market & Boutique is no part of purchase disputes, issues with orders, issues among vendors or issues between a vendor and customer. Each shop is managed and ran by the vendor and the vendor must maintain these services in order to keep a good rating for the storefront.


Account Registration

Each vendor on Hand Picked Market & Boutique is provided a login to the system. Each vendor is responsible for their login and maintaining the privacy of this information. If a vendor notices suspicious activity on their account, it is their responsibility to notify Hand Picked Market & Boutique so the password can be reset.



Each vendor will receive a monthly subscription fee that should be paid before the renewal date from Paypal. If a shop is 5 days delinquent, the shop will be suspended and all listings will be put in draft status.

Hand Picked Market & Boutique will not charge any commission fees for using our services. Payment processing fees will still apply.


Dispute Resolution 

Each vendor is responsible for their interactions within the marketplace. If a dispute occurs, it is up to those involved to resolve it on their own.