Opening your shop

Open a Shop

Welcome to Hand Picked Market (HPM for Short!) This guide will take you through setting up your shop!


After Signing up to be a Vendor

After you have signed up for an HPM membership, you should receive an email that says you’ve been registered/approved! The email will contain a Website generated password that you will use the first time you login.


Setting up your Profile

Logging In

After Logging in to the website through the My HPM Shop Link you will sign in with your new login information received in that welcome email. After signing in, you will be brought to the Vendor’s Dashboard.


Password Management

In the Top right corner of the Vendor’s dashboard, you will see an icon of a person. Click to see a drop down list and choose “Profile management”. You will add your NEW PASSWORD here. You will need this to log in to your account again. You can also upload a photo of yourself for your profile here.



Setting up your Storefront

Head back to the icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Storefront”. Begin by uploading a 100×100 shop logo photo and a 1200×390 shop banner to personalize your storefront.

Store Name

Next you will choose a Store Name. This will need to be unique name that has not already been used within the marketplace and is not trademarked by another company. The store Slug is how your shop address will look. You can edit this to say what you would like but make sure to use underscores in place of spaces and DO NOT use special characters.


Store Description

Tell your customers a little more about your shop by filling in the “Store Description” section. It is best to use keywords related to your business within this section for potential ranking within Google and other search engines.


Message to Buyers

This will be a message sent out after a purchase has been made. You can include specific information about orders, shipping, processing, etc. to give your customers better communication with your shop.


Social Media

Filling in your social media URLs will allow customers to click on them right from your shop! Only the platforms you choose will show up in your shop.


Stock Management

You can choose to receive low stock alerts. You will need to enable them by clicking the checkmark on and choosing at what level would you like to receive an alert sent to you.


Google Analytics/ shop SEO

You can track your shop traffic with Google Analytics! Enter your Google Analytics under the “SEO Settings” section. You can also include additional SEO information to make it easier for Google to pick you up in a search

  • SEO META TITLE – What information you would like to appear when your shop name comes up in a Google Search.
  • SEO META KEYWORDS – The keywords Google will use to bring up your shop when the relevant keywords are put in during a search.
  • SEO META DESCRIPTION – The small paragraph that shows up under your URL in a Google search.

Google uses all three key pieces of information to rank you within Google search (along with relevance, popularity, etc.) These are a great long term strategy for getting found through search engines!



Setting up your Shop Policies

You can find your shop policies in the left hand menu under “store settings” – “Policies”.

Shipping Policy

Use this section to give important information about how shipping items will be handled. These are universal and apply to every product sent. Let them know when you consider the package to be out of your care and up to the customer to track/find if something were to go missing. Also give details of whether or not tracking is required on all products.


Refund Policy

Use this section to give clear information on when a refund will be given. This is completely up to a shop owner and HPM will not intervene on these transactions.


Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy

Give clear instruction when each is acceptable and how they will be processed.


Having these universal policies set up ahead of time will save customer support headaches!


Customer Support Details

Fill in the relevant information a customer can use to contact you about an order. This is up to the discretion of the shop owner and no information is required in this section.



Setting up your Shop Payments


Let’s set up your billing to receive payment for your order from HPM. You will find this in the left hand menu under “Store Settings” and “Billing”.


Payment Options

You can get paid through two payment services. You will only need to sign up for one! All payments will be processed and paid out (usually on Friday/Saturday each week) through either Stripe or PayPal.


PayPal – Just include your PayPal email address and payments will be sent to this account.


Stripe – You will sign in through Stripe to connect to HPM to receive payments.


*** Future – In the future, we will be disabling the PayPal option and just use Stripe for processing payment. If we do this, vendors will receive automatic payment as orders are purchased! If you would like to be prepared for this, I would sign up for a Stripe account.



Setting up Shipping for your shop


Shipping options

You currently have 2 options for calculating your shipping cost.

  • Allowing USPS to give you automatic shipping rates based on the weight & dimensions entered for each item
  • Setting one flat rate for all the items in your shop.

If you would just like to use USPS, there is no set up needed!


Flat Rate Shipping

If you would like to do one flat rate for either all products purchased or per purchased item, you will need to set this up.


Go to “store settings” – Shipping

You will see a box where you can enter the amount you would like to charge.


If you would like to charge one flat rate no matter how many items are purchased, just enter that amount in the box.

If you would like to charge a rate for the first item purchased and an additional rate per item, you will need to contact HPM at so we can set up the formula for you.


******Future – Very soon we will be implementing a new shipping rate table that will allow you to charge shipping based on weight, price, etc. Stay tuned for this update!


Shipping Services

The actual printing of shipping labels will be handled by each vendor. The system doesn’t currently have this ability but we are working towards adding it soon!



Managing Your Membership


If you joined After August 1st 2018

To manage your membership, use the left hand menu under “store settings” and “Membership” to access your membership information.


If you joined Before August 1st 2018

You will manage your membership through “subscription” on the main website.

Here is the link to view your current subscription – MY SUBSCRIPTION




Creating Customer Invoices


When a customer purchases from your shop, they will receive an invoice for their order. You can customize this invoice under “store settings” and “Invoice”.


Invoice Template

Choose the template you would like to use for your invoices. You can click the link below this section to preview the actual invoice template.


Adding a logo

Upload your store logo and it will appear in the template for all of your customer invoices.


Totals shown to customers

Select the boxes of what totals you would like your customers to see on their invoices.


Terms and conditions

Fill in this section so your customer knows what terms they agree to with purchase.


Show customer note

If you would like your customer to have record of what information they sent you at the time of the order, select this section.



Putting your shop in Vacation Mode


To plan out your shop vacation schedule go to “store Settings” in the left hand menu and select “vacation”.


To select a vacation day

Just click on the day within the vacation calendar. When it shows as “grey” your shop will be temporarily closed for that day.


Information to the customer about vacation

Scroll to the bottom of the vacation section to see options for vacation days.

  • Click the button “avoid purchases on holidays” to block those days out.
  • Customer notification – type up a message for customers so they know know not to make a purchase with you.
  • “Add to cart” button will be changed to whatever text you choose and will not be clickable
  • Notification threshold – Choose the number of days you would like your customers to know in advance that you will be on vacation