Managing Your Shop

Managing your Shop

Welcome to Hand Picked Market (HPM for Short!) This guide will take you through managing your new shop!


Your Shop URL

You can find your shop URL in your vendor dashboard under “store settings” – “Storefront” and you will see a section that says “Shop Slug”.

This is your shop URL and you can edit it to look how you would like. SPACES AND SPECIAL CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED.



Vendor Dashboard

Store Insights

This section is comparing your sales and traffic to the last 7 or 30 days, depending on which you choose. This section is comparing (from top to bottom)

  • Store traffic (Visits meaning unique visitors to your store not views)
  • Number of orders received
  • Total sales
  • Total commission earned
  • Total commission withdrawn (this is just payment processing fees)

The top right section with the wallet is Average order value.


Visitors Map

See what country your visitors are viewing from on the map view.

Transaction details

This previews the last payment withdrawals that have been processed and sent to your account.

Product stats

This shows your current listings in your shop and their statuses.

Customer questions

Any customer questions will appear in this section of the dashboard

Pending Shipping

All orders still waiting to ship.

Product sales report

Shows how many sales were made per listing


Customer reviews will appear here.



Managing Products

Your product listings will appear in the product manager. This link is located in the left hand menu under “product manager”.

View product Listings

You will see a list of your product listings in the product manager. You can highlight over the name of the listing to EDIT, PERMANENTLY DELETE or VIEW. You can also see what listings are in stock an dhwne they were published. You can filter your listings by category.


Add Listings

You can use the button with an Icon of a box (on the bottom in mobile view and at the top on a desktop). Click this button to bring up a new product listing. For information on how to set up a listing, see the “Listings” section in the Seller help center.


Import Product listings

You will need to download your current listings from another selling platform in CSV format. Upload the CSV file under “product manager” – “import”. Choose the file and then select the continue button. It will ask you to match up the column names to match their listing column names. After this has been done, the listings should upload to your shop with the needed information. Check each listing to make sure all information is current and appropriate for your HPM shop.


Managing Product Stock

Under “Product manager” select the “products stock” section. You can view what product listings are “in stock”, “out of stock” and “low stock”. You can view stock levels from this view.


Exporting product information

Under “Product manager” select “Export” you can select what columns you would like to export and hit “generate” to receive a CSV file of your products.




Managing Orders

You can find your current orders under the “orders” tab in the left hand menu or the clipboard icon on the bottom of the mobile view.

You can change the orders you see why adjusting the date range at the top.

Managing individual orders

Each order has icons for managing your order.

  • Eye Icon – View the listing with details
  • Down Icon – Download the order information
  • PDF Icon 1 – Download Invoice
  • PDF Icon 2 – Download packing slip
  • Truck Icon – Mark order as shipped (This will complete the order)


Download Orders

The top right corner of the Orders screen has a button “Download CSV” where you can download all of your orders. You will need to click the orders you would like information for or click the top check mark box to select them all.




Managing Payments

View your current and future payments under the “payments” tab in the left hand menu.

Future Payments

The withdrawal tab under “payments” will show what payments still need to be made to you from past orders. Payments are sent out weekly on Friday/Saturday and there is a $1 threshold to receive payment.  Payments will be subject to Payment processing fees of 2.9% + $.33.

Past Payments

The History tab under “payments” will show what payments have been made to you from past orders. These payments were sent to either your Paypal account or Stripe based on what you set up. This information can be found under “Opening a shop” article in the Seller help center.




Running Shop Reports

Overview Stats

This is located under “Stats/Reports” – “Overview” in the left hand menu.

Set the date range to see Total sales, Earnings, number of sales, purchased products, coupons used, unique customers and coupon discount amount. This information can be downloaded in to a CSV with the “download CSV” button.


Advanced Reporting

This is located under “Stats/Reports” – “Overview” in the left hand menu.

Select the date range to see Sales (gross, average daily, number of orders, earnings) , Sales by product, stock and transactions. This information can be downloaded in to a CSV with the “download CSV” button.




Managing Coupons

View Current Coupons

Under “coupons” tab and “All Coupons” on the left hand menu.

This shows current coupons, Amount, Usage limits and expiration dates.


Add Coupons

Under “coupons” tab and “Add Coupon” on the left hand menu.

Create a coupon title, description and discount type. Include the coupon amount and expiration date. Specify the usage restrictions and limitations.